Custom formulas

When we use the term strategic nutrition we refer to the different options we offer among the infinity of variables to consider when feeding animals that are kept for productive purposes.

The custom formulas differ from the standard ones since they are made suitable for a certain establishment or area. They are specially ordered by private experts, who for some reason realized a certain establishment needed formulas different from those offered as standard.

They are characterized by having some ingredient or nutritional value that differs from the formulas that one finds on the list. Among these ingredients or nutritional values we may find: toxin sequesters, higher doses of vitamin E or selenium or zinc and organic minerals specially added to tackle some particular health problem of cows that require raising the conventional doses of these nutrients or simply at the request of the advisor or owner of the establishment.

They are also used in those establishments where water analysis are made and, according to the results of these tests, a mineral vitamin core can be formulated in relation to these values. Although these tailor-made formulas are not part of Santa Sylvina’s standardised line of products, they are produced with the same level of quality and experience which are publicly acknowledged.

We devote our best efforts in offering stable and homogeneous batches of balanced feed, assuring the adequate degree of pelletizing and the use of additives of leading brands in the animal nutrition market.

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