About us

We are leaders in the animal nutrition market, producing high quality balanced feed with a committed group of professionals and cutting-edge technology.

The production of Santa Sylvina includes complete balanced foods, cores, concentrates, correctors, premix and mineral salts; formulated for different animal species such as cattle, pigs, rabbits, horses and birds.

Santa Sylvina also offers strategic nutrition, for which an important group of professional nutritionists, specialized in the country and abroad, offer personalized assistance to customers; developing specific formulas for each particular case, generating the right complement at the right time.

The concept of strategic nutrition requires direct contact between food industries and producers. That's why Santa Sylvina has a team of veterinarians and agricultural engineers who advise on animal nutrition through a network of more than 100 distributors throughout the country.

Distributors throughout the country

+100 %

Total sales volume of tons monthly

7000 %


Located in Clason, Santa Fe province, it is the plant with the highest production volume in Argentina, certified with ISO 9001 in all its processes.

In addition, it is equipped with the latest technology that allows our company to carry out a quality controls not only on our finished food but also on the quality of the raw material provided by our suppliers.

As Senasa regulations demand, no food for ruminants may have animal protein. Santa Sylvina extended this regulation to all foods produced in its plant. This measure was added to the removal of bone ash, whether for cattle, sheep, horses, birds, rabbits or pigs, making it a plant with zero risk of mad cow contamination.

Analysis Laboratory

The Quality Control Laboratory has the necessary human resources and technology to carry out all the control analysis in order to offer a product of the highest quality.

The analysis performed on raw materials and finished products include:
Commercial quality. hectolitre weight, dry matter, total fat, raw protein, non-protein nitrogen, neutral cleaning fiber, acid detergent fiber, lignin, ash, calcium, acidity urease activity, total aflatoxins, microscopic qualitative analysis. Through these analysis we guarantee that the quality of the feed meets both the expectations of the nutritionists and the requirements of our clients.

Quality Origin

Santa Sylvina controls the quality of all its products from the origin of the raw material.

Our commitment to quality starts from the purchase of the raw material, selecting grains that meet the nutritional needs, minerals, monensin and vitamins from experienced suppliers aligned with European standards.